August 02, 2023

Friends of the Children Celebrates 30 Years of Generational Change

Friends of the Children has been changing the lives of children and families for 30 years. Our long-term mentoring model pairs children facing multiple systemic obstacles with paid professional mentors called "Friends." These Friends provide support, guidance, and friendship.

Over the past 30 years, Friends of the Children has served thousands of children in 29 locations across the United States. Our work has been proven effective, with mentees achieving high academic success rates, avoiding juvenile justice system involvement, and delaying parenthood until after their teen years.

In honor of its 30th anniversary, Friends of the Children is launching a new campaign to raise awareness of its work and to recruit new mentors. The campaign, "Celebrating 30 Years of Generational Change," features stories from children and mentors who have been touched by the organization's work.

"It is my hope that everyone who needs a Friend can have a  Friend so they, too, can be fearless, courageous, achieve their big dreams and have fun while doing it.” said Simone Biles, Friends of the Children Ambassador.

Discover stories, partners, and a timeline of our history by visiting the 30th-anniversary website.